Have a Samsung galaxy-family android phone that seems to permanently have the “storage space running out” message?

Here are 2 ways you can fix it.

The first way is to dial *#9900#, and hit call. This *may* start an application that has a button that says “Delete dumpstate/logcat”. Click that button and it should wipe the log directory stored on the internal file system in the system partition. Your storage space running out message should disappear and you should be able to install updates again as a free person should.

The second way, if *#9900# does not work or says “invalid mmi code”, requires you to root your phone. I won’t go into that as there are plenty of tutorials on google, which typically are specific your phone. Once you have root, use a file system explorer as root to delete the contents of the system directory “/data/logs/”. In my case, there were hundreds of 1MB files that seemed to just be log files filling up the precious system storage partition. Once the contents of the directory were deleted, the message went away.

For many Honda enthusiasts, the USDM DC Integra Type-R represents the pinnacle of American Honda offerings. The only Type-R to ever make it to our shores, and a limited edition run of only 3,823 cars over 4 years, means these cars are very hard to find, and command a premium.

Add in that they were one of the most commonly stolen cars in the US for a long time, meaning salvage/rebuilt titles abound in the Type-R market.

For many, the question of worth comes up a lot. How much could an all-original Type-R sell for? A recently ended ebay auction reveals the answer.. MCN mirror of 1997 Original Type R ebay listing

$43k ends up being the answer. I would argue that is a great bargain for a, dare I say, classic car.

Using Emacs 24 and Projectile in my daily development, I came across an instance where projectile-replace on the project I was working on failed with a really strange error. The error is as follows:

next-file: Opening input file: no such file or directory, /home/sanimalp/dev/connector/ack v1.39 Copyright 1993,94 Ogasawara Hiroyuki (COR.)

What the what? It looks like it is trying to open a file that is the MAN-page credit for the ‘ack’ application. I am not sure what the invocation of the projectile-replace looked like, but that message clearly comes from the man page of ack.

I invoked ack on the local system, thinking something goofy was going on, and was met with a command prompt. I cntrl-c the prompt and did ‘type ack’ to see ‘/usr/bin/ack’. Odd. It appears to be there.. but wait.. a ‘man ack’ gives me a kanji converter, and NOT ack-grep the search tool, as I would expect.

To fix the error, since I did not have much use for a Kanji converter, I simply removed the ack package by issuing sudo apt-get remove ack

With that fix, projectile-replace, the replace in project function, started working!

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