PGMFI is a site dedicated to and for those who want to understand the operation of Honda ECUs.

The eventual goal of this project is to make enough accurate information available for anyone who wishes to modify their ECU. There are no hidden posts or private messages here - come, share, help everyone understand.

The only requirements are that you not advertise for any commercial services or products here, and refrain from abusing the file-posting features available to post materials not related to understanding ECUs. By enterring, you agree that the use of any information within could be dangerous to your car, health and that you will not hold the users/mantainer of this site responsible for any damages connected with the information within. You agree not to post any copyrighted, patented or otherwise controlled code or devices. You agree not to download any copyrighted or patented material. You agree to not post information directly a imed at circumventing protection mechanisms of commercially marketed products. You agree to hold this site and its maintainers totally free from any and all liabilities resulting from the use or misuse of this site and the informaion within.

Additionally, you agree that any materials or information posted here are available without condition to all members of the site. Any ROMs posted may be freely used and remodified without prior consent of the poster. Any software posted must comply with either the Non-Commercial Share-Alike License, the BSD License or another OSI Approved License. This does not mean that you are forced to post source to your software - this simply means that you agree that any materials you post here are posted with the intention of being shared and improved opon by others. PGMFI is predicated on collaboration and group work. These new rules are intended to foster an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration. If you need clarification or feel the need to discuss them, please post.

If you do not agree to these terms, please leave. Otherwise, enter.