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No one was born knowing about the internals of ECUs - we all learned it somewhere, and most of us learned it without extensive handholding. The forum is not always the friendliest place... In fact, it can be outright hostile at times. You will piss people on the forum off quickly by asking the same questions that the newbies did last week. If in doubt, use the Newbies Forum. There are now also "Assistance" forums to ask questions in - please use them whenever possible. We are trying to make things easier to find, and part of that involves seperating questions from established information and procedures.

Use the search feature of the forum, the Wiki and other resources here if your intuition tells you that someone has thought of it before. If you don't understand something, always include a link to the FAQ/Wiki/Original thread - not only can we help you better by having a context for your question, it also shows that you tried to figure it out on your own. Modifying ECUs is not rocket science, but it is far from simple - please don't be scared to post, but also please attempt to try and learn on your own too.

Read the RULES before you post on The PGMFI Forum

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