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USDM RP17 and RP18 values:

J Automatic Manual
RP17 4.7k Ohm Open
RP18 2.7k Ohm Jumpered

JDM RP18 values:

J Automatic Manual
RP18 2.4k Ohm 1.4k Ohm

JDM Auto to Manual:

  • check on the back side in the middle side corner of the ecu. you'll find RP18 there.
  • you'll need to lower the value from 2.4k ohms to 1.4k ohms.

USDM Auto to Manual:

  • remove RP17 and RP18
  • replace RP18 with a jumper wire

USDM Manual to Auto:

  • remove jumper at RP18
  • add 4.7kOhm +/- 5% at RP18
  • add 2.7kOhm +/- 5% at RP17
  • add IC16 5050 S or equiv.
-(''need to finish... C91 and C78 ?'')
  • OBD1 auto vs manual notice jumper config in lower right along with the transistor config (thanks Katman):

  • RP Array Before:

  • RP Array After:

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