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Honda DLC 3-Pin Data Link Connector

The DLC is a 3-pin connector and usually includes three wires, but some models only have two wires. The 3-pin connectors with all 3 wires, provide power to the tester, the two wire models do not. When using the Mastertech on a 3-pin connector with only two wires, the unit has to be plugged into a 12 volt power source. The 3-pin DLC is usually located close to the 2-pin SCS connector.

DLC Locations:

Located at Right Lower Edge of Dash

94-95 Accord (L4)

92-95 Civic

93-95 del Sol

The 3-Pin DLC connector is on the right. The 2-Pin connector is on the left is the service check connector (SCS).

Behind Front of Console

92-95 Preludes

Notice that this is the two wire system and would require external power to the Mastertech

Behind Glove Box

95 Odyssey

At Left Kick Panel

94-95.5 Passport



Honda DLC 16-Pin Data Link Connector (OBD2)

In 1995 Honda added OBD-II to the V-6 Accord. All 1996 and later models are equipped with OBD-II. (Except EDM models) The OBD-II DLC is a 16-Pin connector whose size, shape and location has been standardized across all manufacturers by standards developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). OBD-II only uses a maximum of 7 of the 16 pins in the DLC. The manufacturer is free to use the other pins in any way they want. The ECM can use any of three protocols (SAE J1850 VPW, SAE J1850 PWM and ISO 9141) to communicate with a scan tool. Chrysler, all Europeans, and most Asian - including Honda use the ISO 9141 protocol. Don't worry about this, since an OBD-II scan tool must be able to distinguish which protocol is being used by the processor and switch to that protocol automatically.

16-Pin Data Link Connector Locations:

Bottom Left Edge of Dash (pointing straight down)

Typical Location For: 98-00 Accord (All) 96-00 Civic 96-97 Passport


Behind Ashtray

Typical Location For: 95-97 Accord (V6) 96-97 Accord (L4)


Behind Front Of Center Console (behind access plug)

Typical Location For: 96-97 Odyssey


Behind Front Of Center Console (no trim panel to remove)

Typical Location For: 96-97 del Sol 97-00 CR-V


Behind Front Of Center Console (remove trim panel)

Typical Location For: 97-98 Prelude


Behind Beverage Holder

Typical Location For: 96 Prelude


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