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It never hurts to hear about when things work well.

If you're using PGMFI tools to tune your car and you're doing well in the racing world, you should share your accomplishments and story with the rest of us. If you win something, or just have an all round impressive dyno run or day at the track, please make a note of it. Feel free to attach any media, pictures or links that might make things more interesting! Hopefully this page will soon be graced with countless stories of people doing a good job of tuning their cars themselves.

Award and Competition Winners

Mark Pozzobon won the Fall 2003 Dyno Challenge at NHRA Sport Compact Nationals, Englishtown, N.J.

Using Crome, a wideband and lots of tuning, Mark was able to win the naturally aspirated 4 cylinger bracket. Read about it here.

Nice Dyno / Track numbers

beerbongskickass made 230WHP/208ft/lbs with a stock D16Z6 pushing 12psi. His best time at the track is 12.6 @ 107 MPH.

Using Uberdata 1.66 and some time on the dyno, a some great numbers were achieved. Read about it here.

Rage2 made 150WHP from a NA B18B tuned with Uberdata.

Read about it.

Willis has been doing real well tuning boosted cars with Uberdata.

415 hp and 272 ft/lbs torque on 20 psi - here and here.

VTC_CIVIC has been getting some really nice numbers tuning cars with Uberdata.

Read more about VTC_CIVIC's cars here (250+ WHP from a stock LS with a small T3 on 10psi!)

ndogg broke 300WHP AND the 12.0 mark in a with a Uberdata tuned B18C1

ndogg.jpg Read more about ndogg's car and numbers here.

audio5 broke 300WHP with a dyno tuned B18C1 using Crome

Read more about audio5's car and numbers here.

blundar tuned Tony Foowee's turbocharged single cam CRX to some great track results.

Read more about Foowees Car here.

Nigel Curtis has a CRX that is quite the warrior

PGMFI tuned, with some great results! (and some awesome pictures!!!) Read about the Curtis Crx

Randy Schoener My 97 Civic Hatch With B16 Running P72 OBD1 ECU Using Crome 99.

Tuned1 (Rick) of Raceline in Cincinnati tuned his RHD B16 powered 92 hatch to 410HP and 277ft lbs. using Uberdata.

See dyno graph here...

Mark & Michael Olson have an '88 CRX

that would be a success story anywhere but in California. has the details.

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