For those of you into investing and stock research, you may check out Yahoo’s new Charts: Beta project. Yahoo is now offering complex charts free of charge. You used to have to be a member of an online brokerage to get access to charts such as the MACD crossover, Bollinger Band, EMA, Parabolic SAR, both slow and fast Stochastic charts and many other technical charts. Now, Yahoo offers all of these charts for free. To check them out, simply look up any ticker symbol you want, and click on the large banner that says “Try out Yahoo charts beta”. It will then take you to an AJAX page with your ticker symbol charted. The page has a “Technical Indicators” button where you can select the charts to look at. Here is a link to a Yahoo Charts: Beta page showing my personal favorite scapegoat ticker symbol “goog” in Bollinger Band and MACD crossover view. Look forward to future articles here on where we show how to use these free technical charts to determine trends not otherwise easily seen.