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Month: April 2012

Tethering a G1/dream on cyanogen-mod 6 in windows XP

Tethering a G1/dream on cyanogen-mod 6 in windows XP

икона за подарък

I recently found myself in a situation where tethering my phone to my laptop was needed. The hotel i stayed in charged $14/day for wireless access, and plugging into the hotel wired network is a guarantee of a 0-day exploit showing up on my laptop.

Luckily, I started using Cyanogen-mod 6 on my rooted Tmobile G1, which offers USB tethering without the drama of having to sign up through a service provider. The only hitch in the plan is that the laptop with which I needed to tether was a Windows XP laptop, that had no damn idea what an NDIS driver was, much less how to enable the phone to tether.

Luckily, I had some time to kill, so I figured out how to make it all happen. This should work for any tmobile G1, or htc dream, running Cyanogen-mod 6, tethered to an antiquated windows XP operating system.

  1. Obtain the NDIS windows XP driver for the android phone here: Remote_NDIS_based_Internet_Sharing_Device
    • You may have to browse to the file above with your phone, download it to your phone, then connect it in USB harddrive mode, and transfer it to your system..
  2. unzip the folder on your desktop or wherever you saved it.
  3. plug in your G1/Dream via USB
  4. Go to settings, then wireless settings, then tethering in the menu
  5. click the checkbox next to USB tethering
  6. when the windows XP dialog comes up asking for drivers, specify the folder you unzipped in step 2 as the source for the drivers.
  7. Windows should then install the correct drivers for your phone to start working as a tether.

As always, be sure to light up the comments if it works or doesn’t work for you, and good luck!