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Month: June 2010

Ferrari Video Update for May 2010

Ferrari Video Update for May 2010

кухненски столовеIt is a never ending battle around here to come up with fresh, interesting material that hasn’t been beaten to death by all the other Auto related blogs out there. Recently, I did some digging on youtube and other spots to find some interesting, and yet barely viewed videos relating to my favorite racing team, Scuderia Ferrari.

First up is the record setting Nürburgring Nordschleife lap in the 599xx, with Rafaele De Simone piloting. No music, just the sound of the Enzo-derived v12 being flogged on the longest, hardest track in the world.

[youtube FNwGCcFi2PI]

This is one of my favorites of the lot, a short video on the beginning to end process of a 612 Scaglietti engine build up. This had a few more views than some of these other videos, so I apologize in advance if it is old news.

[youtube AdcoVurVY30]

Next, a subtitled video featuring Stefano Domenicali talking about the challenges Ferrari has faced developing their Formula 1 car in the 2010 season:

[youtube w4o9hKnyma0]

Here we have a short video featuring Fernando Alonso in an interview that occurred shortly before the Turkish Grand Prix of 2010. In it, I found it interesting Fernando thought racing Juan Manuel Fangio would be the most interesting person to race in Ferrari’s history, a choice I would definitely not argue with.

[youtube WXuffd5olzM]