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Month: September 2008

SpaceX Rocket has made it to Space!

SpaceX Rocket has made it to Space!

[youtube To-XOPgaGsQ]

SpaceX, Elon Musk’s privately funded rocket venture, has reached space! The video above shows the successful launch and orbit of Falcon 1, a launch vehicle developed entirely out of pocket by PayPal founder Elon Musk. This marks the first time a private company has created a vehicle to break out of earth’s atmosphere and achieve orbit. This major feat opens the door for presumably much lower cost satellite launches, and may usher in a new era where corporations and not countries are in a space race. Congratulations to the employees of SpaceX in this magnificent feat of ingenuity.

Ferrari “F70” Mule Spotted

Ferrari “F70” Mule Spotted claims to have spy shots showing a Ferrari F430 that allegedly contains the drivetrain for the Enzo succesor. In the pictures, you can see the mule is wearing much larger wheels than a stock F430, and has front and rear fender flares to contain the excess rubber. Rumor has it that the new F70 will be powered by either a twin turbo V8 or a twin turbo V12. Here is to hoping its the later.

A lot of speculation is going on as to what the new halo supercar for the marquee will look like. Some speculate that the front air ducts seen on the F50 and Enzo will be retained, while others speculate the car may not look anything at all like its brethren. Only time will tell..