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Honda Releases New For 2013 CRX At The Denver Auto Show!

Honda Releases New For 2013 CRX At The Denver Auto Show!

New for 2010 Honda CRX

Honda has announced their new ad Campaign for the 2013 CRX SiR today at the Denver Auto Show. Honda shocked the crowd at the Denver Convention Center by debuting the long awaited sequal to the popular sports car, which came as a surprise to show goers and the media alike.  Some speculate that the relatively lackluster design and “fuel efficiency as king” mentality surrounding the previously released and now cancelled CRZ proved to disillusion enthusiasts who were blindsided by the heinous tribute to its iconic predecessor.  Honda designers apparently must have been working overtime, because the new CRX comes just months after word the CRZ concept would be scrapped for cost saving reasons. According to the press kit, the new 2013 CRX will have the legendary K20A 2.0L 222Hp engine and 6 speed LSD equipped transmission, both out of the JDM  Civic Type-R. The car weighs in at a paltry 2000 lbs, no doubt a credit to the carbon fiber seen in the hood and front fenders, and although not listed in the press kit, the Honda rep at the show said they expect to see 35 mpg easily from the new model.

The release of the new CRX SiR, a first for North America, comes after Honda recently cancelled the S2000 roadster and sold off its F1 team, leaving fans of the red H wondering if honda had given up on its racing heritage. This new model however, seems to be a step in the right direction.

edit: Happy April Fools..