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Jimmy Chamberlain Leaves The Smashing Pumpkins

Jimmy Chamberlain Leaves The Smashing Pumpkins

Jon Steege and Jimmy Chamberlain According to, Jimmy Chamberlain has leftThe Smashing Pumpkins. No word is out yet on why, but my educated guess is that it is more of a hiatus for the well known drummer than a “goodbye forever”. Billy Corgan, the lead singer/guitarist/creative force behind TSP, is well known for calling Jimmy “His Best Friend”, and it is unlikely that the two have severed ties. Jimmy also has a couple kids, so he will probably be using some of his time off to spend more time with the family, rather than be out on tour grinding away like the good old days. Other speculation is that Jimmy may want to continue with his side project “The Jimmy Chamberlain Complex”.

The Smashing Pumpkins just recently finished a 20th anniversary tour following the release of their most recent album Zeitgeist. The news follows an announcement that Billy and crew will be headed to the studio this spring for an as yet unnamed new Smashing Pumpkins album. The preceding smashing pumpkins album “MachinaII/Friends and Enemies of Modern Music” was distributed free and legal on the internet, gaining much press for being one of the first bands to do so.

I hope for everyone’s sake that this is not the end of the relationship between Billy and Jimmy, and my intuition says it is not. Comments? post it up..

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