The Worst Top Gear Episode Ever..

The Worst Top Gear Episode Ever..

Top Gear is the unofficial favorite car show amongst contributors here at MyComputerNinja. Nearly every episode falls into the category of “Great Automotive Video Journalism”. The episodes seem to just keep getting better, but there HAS to be a bad one here or there.. every show has them. Happy Days has the now infamous shark jumping episode, and of course, we have the Indiana Jones series nuking of the fridge.

In reviewing many of the Top Gear episodes, the staff of MyComputerNinja presents the Worst episode of Top Gear:

The winner is: Season 4, Episode 2: Richard “The hamster” Hammond gets brainwashed by a hypnotist and an ~ahem~ Nun drives a monster truck.  The best part is the hypnotist has to brainwash Hammond off camera for fear the “viewers would be affected”, and the nun has to wear fire fighters getup because they most likely don’t have a nomex suit that fits properly. “The hamster” then is instructed to think a plastic pedal car is a real Porsche 911, and drives it around and pretends to crash it and be very upset. James May is also guilty in this episode, because he drives Fab1, a hillariously ugly pink super long vehicle with 6 wheels, 4 to steer and 2 to drive. It is almost embarrasing to watch.

Jeremy Clarkson does review the Mercedes-McLaren SLR at the very beginning and Hammond reviews the reason people drive the Cadillac Escalade, so you may actually want to watch those parts. Just turn it off once the guest interview starts, because the guest for the episode is a hypnotist, which kicks off the madness. It is definitely the only Top Gear episode we have ever seen where most of us found ourselves wondering “When will this be OVER??”.

Here are some clips from the episode..

[youtube 6Thr6Jdg0Hc]

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