Anti-Lag in Crome Free

Anti-Lag in Crome Free

Crome is a freely available Honda tuning program that, until recently, was extremely popular in Honda tuning circles. It came in both a free version and for pay version called Crome Gold, and is still very popular among hardcore Honda do-it-yourselfers, given that it free and relatively feature rich. One of the features it lacked, however, is Anti-Lag for turbocharged appplications.

Anti-Lag is a way of causing post detonation on purpose in the exhaust system which causes the turbo to  spin up, building boost while not causing the engine to be under significant load or risk detonation by sitting on the rev limiter.

While I was browsing,  I discovered one of the users, Speedjunky01, did enough research to come up with a method to induce an anti-lag feature in the Crome tuning application. Here is his procedure:

well seeing as how the two step only builds 1-2psi and just sounds lame off the line, so did some digging over in

this will only work with a p30 base

hit control K and enter the following script

_rom_fill(0x58e6, 0x590d, 0x00); _rom_fill(0x6a99, 0x6ac0, 0x00);

this allows ignition timing to go to negative numbers,

also make sure vtec speed check is NOT disabled

now the slightly confusing part,

set where you want antilag in the add extra features menu

go to your low cam ignition timing and above that RPM retard ignition until it reads -6 from 0″ all the way to the maximum PSI the ecu is reading

Crome Anit-Lag 1

now go to your low cam fuel tables and select the same area of the map as the low ignition tables, hit CTRL + J and adjust fuel by +10-15% (play with it until you hear pop pop pop )

all you have to do is make sure your launch control is set above your vtec activation point.

Crome Anit-Lag 2
Crome Anit-Lag 2


when you are standing still, the car will run off ONLY the low cam map since vtec speed check is working, so it will retard timing and add fuel off the line creating a true anti-lag. however once moving the ECU will allow vtec to be activated, so you will never hit that area of the map while moving because vtec will activate and switch over to the high cam

Anyway, this feature is exciting, and something I think a lot of boosted honda fans on a budget can appreciate. Despite all the new innovations coming out in for-pay honda engine management, Crome still has a rabbit or two left in the hat.

Remeber, all the Crome ecu modifications and even the notes here are for reference only, as and its owners take no responsibility for what you do with this information.