Honda Engine Code List

Honda Engine Code List

This is a list of Honda engine codes and which model car they belong to. It is interesting to note that Honda manufactures only a few engine models at a time, and tends to keep engine models within certain families. A good example of this is the d-series, b-series and k-series engines. The b-series engines have, by far, the biggest following in the Honda community, and I even have a video of a Honda B18 revving to 10,500RPM. Without further adue.. the list..

A20A3 Honda Accord 1988-1989
B16 Acura Integra XSi/RSi (JDM) 1990-1991
B16 Acura Integra XSi/RSi 1992-1993
B16A Honda Civic SiR (JDM) 1989-1991
B16A Honda Civic (EDM) 1992-1995
B16A Honda Civic VTi 1996-2000
B16A Honda Del Sol/CRX SiR 1992-1996
B16A Honda Civic SiR (JDM-Hatch) 1989-1992
B16A1 Honda CRX 1.6i/VTi (EDM) 1989-1992
B16A1 Honda CRX SiR 1990-1991
B16A1 Honda Civic SiR (JDM) 1990-1991
B16A2 Honda Civic Si 1999-2000
B16A2 Honda Civic SiRII (JDM) 1992-1995
B16A2 Honda Del Sol (JDM) 1993-1995
B16A3 Honda Del Sol 1992-1995
B16B Honda Civic Type R (JDM) 1998-2001
B17A1 Acura Integra GSR 1992-1993
B18A1 Acura Integra GS 1990-1991
B18A1 Acura Integra GS 1992-1993
B18B1 Acura Integra GS/LS/RS 1994-1995
B18B1 Acura Integra GS/LS/RS 1996-2000
B18C Acura Integra SiR (JDM) 1995-1997
B18C1 Acura Integra GSR 1994-2001
B18C3 Honda Integra Type R 1995-1998
B18C5 Acura Integra Type R 1998-2001
B18C5 Honda Integra Type R 1997-2001
B20A3 Honda Prelude 2.0 S 1990-1991
B20A5 Honda Prelude 2.0 Si 1990-1991
B20A5 Honda Prelude Si 1988-1989
B20A5 Honda Prelude Si 1988-1989
B20B Honda CRV 1997-1998
B20Z Honda CRV 1998-2001
B21A1 Honda Prelude Si 1990-1991
C30A Acura NSX 2002+
C32B Acura NSX 2002+
D15A Honda Civic DX 1988-1991
D15A1 Honda CRX DX 1988-1991
D15A2 Honda CRX HF (Carbed) 1984-1987
D15B2 Honda Civic DX/LX 1988-1991
D15B6 Honda Civic HF/CRX HF 1988-1989
D15B6 Honda Civic HF/CRX HF 1990-1991
D15B7 Honda Civic DX/LX 1992-1995
D15B8 Honda Civic CX 1992-1995
D16Y7 Honda Civic DX/LX/CX 1996-2000
D15Z Honda Civic HF 1996-2000
D15Z1 Honda Civic VX 1992-1995
D16A1 Acura Integra 1986-1987
D16A3 Acura Integra 1988-1989
D16A3 Acura Integra 1988-1989
D16A6 Honda Civic Si/CRX Si 1988-1991
D16A6 Honda Civic EX 1990-1991
D16A8/9 Acura Integra 1988-1989
D16Y8 Honda Civic EX 1996-2000
D16Z6 Honda Civic EX/Si /Del Sol Si 1992-1995
D17A1 Honda Civic DX/LX 2001+
D17A2 Honda Civic EX 2001+
EW4 Honda CRX Si 1985-1987
EW4 Honda Civic Si 1986-1987
F20A Honda Accord 2.0Si (JDM) 1990-1993
F20C Honda S2000 2000+
F22 Honda Prelude Si 1992-1996
F22A1 Honda Accord 1990-1993
F22A1 Honda Prelude S 1992-1996
F22A4 Honda Accord 1990-1991
F22A6 Honda Accord 1991-1993
F22B1 Honda Accord EX 1994-1997
F22B2 Honda Accord DX/LX 1994-1997
H22 Honda Accord SiR 1994-1997
H22 Honda Prelude VTEC 1992-1996
H22A Honda Prelude SiR (JDM) 1997-2001
H22A Honda Prelude 1999-2001
H22A Honda Prelude Type S (JDM) 1997-2001
H22A1 Honda Prelude 1997-1998
H22A1 Honda Prelude VTEC 1994-1996
H23 Honda Prelude Type S (JDM) 1993-1995
H23A1 Honda Prelude SE/Si 1992-1996
K20A Acura Integra (JDM) 2001+
K20A Honda Civic Type R (JDM) 2001+
K20A Integra Type R (JDM) 2001+
K20A Acura Integra IS (JDM) 2001+
K20A2 Acura RSX Type S 2001+
K20A3 Acura RSX 2001+
K20A3 Honda Civic Si 2002+
K24 Honda CRV 2002+
ZC Honda CRX (JDM) 1990-1993
ZC Honda CRX Si16/1.6i (JDM) 1989-1992
ZC Honda CRX Si (JDM) 1985-1987
ZC Acura Integra (JDM) 1990-1993
ZC Acura Integra (JDM) 1986-1989
ZC Honda Civic Si (JDM) 1986-1987
ZC Honda Civic Si (JDM) 1988-1991

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  • BrandonPaul

    wires are the ones I need…

  • Very helpful list. Here in Japan it is more common to use the engine code than the name of the car to talk about them.

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