JUN Time Attack R34 Skyline on Ebay!

JUN Time Attack R34 Skyline on Ebay!

Every couple months or so, I find myself lost in thought over really cool cars that I don’t own but I wish I did. I usually end up searching craigslist in my area for interesting things, and often hit up ebay to see what’s posted at the moment.

Well, today I found myself reminiscing about the Nissan Skyline.

As an avid player of Gran Turismo 2,3 and 4, some of you may have learned about the car as I did, from the video game. I still have not seen anything but the new Nissan GT-R in real life, as state side the cars are about as rare as a Ferrari, since the older models were never imported by the manufacturer. Further, only a host of people have paid the money to legalize the cars here after MOTOREX, the go-to company for that sort of thing was shut down due to fraud allegations. Never the less, every time I have searched ebay, there are one or two skylines legal and registered for use in the U.S.

мека мебелToday, however, a quick ebay search turned up this:

The JUN R34 Skyline

Some of you may recognize this car by the livery alone, the obnoxious 80’s neon lemon/lime paint combo being the signature of none other than the famous Japanese engineering house JUN. A genuine JUN Nissan R34 Skyline. On ebay. Unbelievable.

JUN still holds the world record in the F/BGCC and E/BGMS classes of the Southern California Timing Association for the fastest modified cars on the planet, and competes in the Japanese Grand Touring Car Championship as well. These guys really know how to make a fast car really fast. The mid 90’s were full of Japanese super cars, and you would be hard pressed to find a JUN version that could be beat by anyone else.  The JUN Supra was featured in countless magazines, and the JUN 300zx is one of the boneville record holders.  They have a JUN civic type-r, NSX, Integra type r, and a host of other hondas in their stable. Need a 2JZ, RB26DETT or 4G63 turnkey road race engine? These guys have you covered.

Needless to say, this Skyline is not particularly street legal, and is being sold as a race car only. Minor details. I wonder if they take trades for a lightly used house?

One last thing. Did I mention there is a dyno video? Enjoy!

[youtube H3peM3K6mfY]