Yahoo Charts and Firefox

Yahoo Charts and Firefox

Recently, upgraded their finance section to use new interactive charts. You may remember because I previously wrote about it here. These new charts offer technical analysis options and many things investors typically have to pay for, and all for free. With these new charts, anyone can plot 15 minute delayed bollinger bands, MACD crossover, Simple moving averages and stochastics all for free. One issue I was having is that none of these grand new features work in Firefox. Yahoo charts seemed to be broken for use with firefox, and that frustrated me.

After nearly 2 months of not being able to access the dropdown menu for technical features of the Yahoo charts in firefox, I decided to look into the problem more. It appeared to me to be some sort of javascript issue, where my browser was blocking the javascript pop-down menu for the technical tools bar. I have javascript enabled in my browser, because the internet pretty much doesnt work without javascript at this point, so it wasn’t that. Then it hit me.

I use the Ad-Block plugin for firefox, which is kinda touchy when it comes to javascript popups. I disabled Ad-Block and the interactive yahoo charts work like a dream.

I realize that some of you may think I am being a hypocrite for serving Google ads on my website, while simultaneously running ad-block in my web browser, but I only run Ad-Block on certain computers which I consider to need more of a secure browsing experience. My normal laptop for which I am typing this now, does not use adblock for the express purpose that I DO sometimes click on ads if they are relevant to what I am doing. Anyway, hope this tip helps!

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